Getting An In-Network Provider For Chiropractic Services: Three Approaches Young Adults Can Use

As a young adult, you learn to do many things that neither your parents nor your education taught you to do. One of these things is how to find a health provider. In this case, you will specifically learn how to find a chiropractor you want to see and how to get that chiropractor's services covered by your health network. Since many in-network providers frequently fall out of a particular company's network health plan and new providers join, you have to rely on three approaches for finding in-network chiropractic services.

Using Your Network's Location Services

Now you can go online yourself and utilize their "find a provider" search engine to find a chiropractor, specialist or doctor all on your own. Some will even list whether or not they have recently joined your health network or if the provider may not be in service anymore (because doctors pass away or quit practicing medicine). The best network providers actually have an app for smartphones and mobile devices that pinpoint the exact locations of chiropractors that take your insurance and provide information on exactly what types of chiropractic services they provide.

If Your Preferred Chiropractor Is Not Listed, Find Out Why

Sometimes, you may have to find a provider the old-fashioned way. You may have to make a few phone calls. If you have a provider in mind that you absolutely want to see for your chiropractic care and he or she is not listed, call the office and find out why he or she is not listed.

  • Sometimes the chiropractor you want to see was part of the network, but has now decided to build his or her own practice and has left the network. 
  • He or she may also be retired, or semi-retired, in which case you would have to schedule an appointment to discuss the possibility of becoming a regular recipient of this chiropractor's services. 
  • Chiropractors have to provide documentation and register to be part of a health network, and the one you want to see may have just allowed his or her membership to lapse.

If the provider does not take your insurance, then maybe you can start a campaign to get the provider to join your health network.

Convincing Your Preferred Chiropractor to Join Your Health Network

If there is a chiropractor you are interested in seeing, you can call his or her office to see if he or she takes your insurance and whether or not there would be any out-of-pocket expenses for treatments. If you are desperate to see a particular chiropractor, but he or she does not accept your insurance or is not in your health network, you may be able to convince the chiropractor to join. If that does not work, you can always get a referral from your in-network general practitioner to see the out-of-network chiropractor.

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