4 Reasons A Therapist Offers More Effective Massages Than A Roller Table

If you visit the chiropractor for help with pain relief, the doctor may suggest combining chiropractic care with massage therapy. Most chiropractic offices have in-house massage therapists, because these two services are both very useful for pain relief. Here are four ways a massage from a therapist can offer more benefits than a massage from a roller table.  

  1. It is personalized. A massage therapist can ask you if there are certain areas to focus on. This allows the therapist to work directly on the areas of pain, and this might lead to better results. Massage therapists are also great at detecting tight muscles and areas just by feeling your back. When they find knots on your back, they will work on those, because a knot will cause pain and discomfort. Using a roller table does not give you the ability to get a personalized massage for your needs.
  2. They can use massage oil. When a therapist offers massage therapy, you will probably have to remove some of your clothes. This will allow the therapist to really target your muscles, and the oil makes it easy for the therapist's hands to glide over your skin. Massage oil is typically non-allergenic, and it may even offer other benefits such as aromatherapy. Using massage oil might also help loosen up muscles too, depending on the type. Other people like this because it leaves them smelling good afterwards, and they are left with soft, smooth skin.
  3. It is private. Getting a massage by a therapist is typically completed in a private room. This privacy allows you to relax more, which may offer benefits for your emotional state. Some chiropractic offices burn or diffuse essential oils in the clinics or private massage rooms. Certain oils, such as lavender oil, is known for offering calm effects. Orange oil is also good for emotions and relaxation.
  4. You will feel better. While lying on a roller table may help you feel better, it will not compare to how you will feel after leaving a private massage. Your body may feel less painful, and your mind might feel relaxed or refreshed. In any case, these are all great feelings that you will want to experience again.

If you would like to reap all the benefits offered at chiropractic clinics, visit one today and make an appointment for a private massage with a therapist. You will feel better in many ways, and you may have less pain afterwards. Contact a clinic like Excellence In Health Chiropractic & Rehab Clinic to get started.