Three Simple Ways To Cut Down On Headache Pain

If you frequently suffer from painful headaches, you're not alone. About 10 percent of men and more than 20 percent of women deal with severe headaches and migraines. Although there are a variety of potential causes for your headache, visiting a chiropractor for headaches is an effective way to move toward pain relief. Your chiropractor will assess your body to accurately diagnose the reason for your discomfort and adjust your neck and back accordingly. Between visits to the chiropractor, there are a number of simple ways you can work to reduce your headache pain without the use of drugs. Here are three strategies.

Change Your Posture

Poor posture is a common culprit of headaches. Whether seated in front of the computer, driving to and from work or even while standing, it can be easy to allow your shoulders to slump forward. In this position, your neck muscles must work hard to keep your head stable, which can lead to discomfort. Make a conscious effort to maintain a straight posture in which your head is directly on top of your shoulders. In this position, your muscles will be able to relax, and it won't lead to a tension headache that can make you feel uncomfortable.

Consider Your Diet

You might not be aware of any food allergies that you have, but it's possible that your diet is contributing to your headaches. A wide range of foods can lead to headache pain; being aware of some of these triggers and taking steps to eliminate them from your diet can provide relief. Although each type of food affects everyone differently, aged cheese, nitrates common in prepared meats, caffeinated products, alcohol and some pickled foods can all contribute to headaches. If you find that you developed a headache or your existing headache worsened after a meal, take note of what you ate. Over time, you'll be able to see if patterns emerge.

Cut Down On Your Stress

If you're stressed, you might find that you're soon dealing with a headache. Stress and headaches share a close link; the tension you experience causes physiological changes in your body, such as tightened muscles, that can lead to headaches. Try to figure out the causes of your stress, and make the necessary changes to eliminate them. More generally, strategies such as taking yoga, listening to music, spending time outdoors and getting together with family and friends can often reduce your stress.