Three Ways You Can Help Your Chiropractor Reduce Your Neck Pain

If you're fed up with your chronic neck pain and you're ready to find a solution, you aren't alone. More than 25 percent of Americans have dealt with neck pain, making it one of the most common forms of discomfort in the body. Neck pain can result from a wide range of causes, but scheduling a chiropractic consultation is a positive first step to lessening your discomfort. Your chiropractor will determine the specific nature of your pain and perform adjustments over a series of weeks to restore balance and alignment to your body. You can join in the healing process, too, by enacting some simple changes in your day-to-day life.

Sit Up Straight

Slouching is a common cause of neck pain, and an easy way to make this pain worse. When you sit with an improper posture, you can pinch your neck or let it slide forward, putting pressure on your discs. Practicing sitting up straight is a simple activity you can try at work, at home and during your daily commute. Be cognizant of having a straight spine, pulling your shoulders back and keeping your neck straight with your head directly above your shoulders. If you have trouble maintaining this upright posture for long periods, simply get up and move a little and then resume sitting.

Cut Down On Your Stress

Stress can literally be a pain in the neck. It's important to try to figure out the root causes of your stress and take steps to change what you can. For many people, workplace stress is a daily reality. If you're stressed at work, speak to your manager or a human relations professional to work through the problem. You might need a reassignment of some of your duties, extended deadlines or even help with dealing with a difficult co-worker.

Find Time For Fitness

Your neck pain might not inspire you to be active, but some moderate exercise on a regular basis can play an instrumental role in the healing process. Exercise stimulates blood flow, which helps your pain, while also strengthening muscles and releasing endorphins to create a feeling of euphoria. Look for exercises that you can perform comfortably with your neck pain. Riding your bike, going for a swim or taking a gentle walk around the neighborhood with your family dog are all simple forms of exercise that can have a positive impact in reducing your neck pain.

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