Are You A Veteran With Back Pain? Difficulty Moving?

Military service brings with it a list of trials and tribulations, both physical and mental. Although the job opportunities in the military range from fits and spurts of combat encounters to hard work with machinery and even clerical work, the hardships of military life and staying with standards can take a toll on the body. If you're suffering even the smallest amount that won't go away or seems to linger longer than a passing pain, take the time to understand how a chiropractor and your local Veterans Affairs (VA) office could help.

What Can A Chiropractor Do?

Chiropractic medicine encompasses multiple layers of physical therapy, examination and even medical treatment for the musculoskeletal system. Although much of the chiropractic trade's popularity comes from spinal care and consultation, everything from the limbs to the joints can be treated as well.

As an alternative to surgery--or at least an option before settling on surgery--a chiropractor can bring you in for an examination of what could be wrong. Going into the appointment, be prepared to answer any questions about any physical trauma, sleeping habits, sitting habits, posture or anything that could affect your limbs, joints and spine. Although a chiropractor can look for irregularities in the body, knowing the cause could helping finding a potential fix.

Not all neck pain, back pain or joint problems are permanent. Some problems may be long lasting because of an awkward position of an arm, a pinched nerve or incorrect posture that may take daily training to correct. There's a lot to think about, but allow the chiropractor to examine you as necessary--no information is too small to be considered.

How Does Veterans Affairs Fit In?

The VA exists to help veterans in their time of need. There are some popular compensation programs such as VA disability compensation that may require paperwork to access, but there are other benefits available with a simple visit to a VA clinic, hospital or administrative building.

If you believe that your back, neck, spine, any pain or any mobility problems were caused by military service, speak up. You're not only entitled to compensation from the VA, the VA and society at large benefits by keeping you healthy and a productive contribution. By filing a disability compensation claim, you could gain the support of monthly compensation payments and referrals to your chiropractor at no cost to you.

This isn't like Social Security's disability program. Aside from a few exceptions, you can still work without penalty while receiving VA compensation. It's more of a payment to you for sacrificing part of your health for your country, and you shouldn't let the benefit go unused.

If you've been denied compensation in the past, a chiropractor can give updated evidence of your medical condition to deliver to the VA. Confused about the VA process and unable to get a claim success? Contact a personal injury lawyer to work with your chiropractor for a well-written appeal that could get you closer to success.

Contact a chiropractor to discuss your pain situation, your veteran status and ways to get the care you need.