More Than Back Pain Relief: “Other” Ways A Chiropractor Can Help Your Child

Chiropractors are often associated with providing relief from sore backs, neck pain and headaches. You might not know, however, that a visit to your chiropractor can often yield favorable results in a number of other areas. If you have a child with a specific health issue, it's worth placing a call to your chiropractor's office and discussing how an assessment and adjustment might be able to positively impact this issue. Depending on your child's issue, one or more sessions with the chiropractor can be the answer. Here are three common issues that many children face and how chiropractic care can help.

Ear Infections

The statistics concerning children who suffer from ear infections are staggering -- this issue is the most common reason children visit their doctor. The American Chiropractic Association recommends chiropractic care as a way of successfully managing a child's ear infections. Your chiropractor will be able to gently adjust the child's skull and neck to allow for his or her ears to drain more effectively. When the ears don't have a build-up of fluid, there's less of a risk of an infection that causes pain. Chiropractic care for ear infections is also ideal because you won't have to put your child on antibiotics; instead, the child's immune system will strengthen and help ward off future infections.

Weakened Immune System

A child who is consistently ill may be suffering from a compromised immune system. Scheduling a visit to the chiropractor can be an effective way to boost the child's immune system. The immune and nervous systems are closely linked, and given that the nervous system has a close connection with the spine, a misaligned spine can affect the immune system. The chiropractor will be able to determine if your child's spine isn't in the proper alignment and perform one or more adjustments to remove pressure off the nerves that are linked to the immune system.

Wetting The Bed

Although there are many reasons why your child might have a habit of wetting the bed, a common one is because the nerves that run along the child's spine also run to organs such as the bladder. When a child's spine isn't in the proper alignment, these nerves can become impinged and lead to improper bladder function. A chiropractic adjustment can straighten the spine to its optimal position and reduce pressure on the nearby nerves, which can promote healthy, regular functioning of the bladder.

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