Three Reasons To Book A Chiropractic Assessment For Your Child

Chiropractors often have a reputation associated with helping adults through back pain, but the reality is that many of these health practitioners have training that can benefit your child who's dealing with a health issue. While it's true that a child who suffers from back pain or neck pain can receive life-changing help from a chiropractor, its also worthwhile to note that there are many other reasons to book an appointment for your child. Scheduling an assessment will allow the chiropractor to evaluate your child's issue and determine if an adjustment can be of benefit. Here three health issues that this form of care can address.


Asthma is a growing concern for many children and their parents; since the 1980s, asthma diagnoses have increased greater than 60 percent. If you're looking for a way to treat this condition in your child, a chiropractor can often help. A misalignment or impingement of a child's spine can worsen the symptoms of asthma and many children are finding relief through regular chiropractic adjustments. Additionally, the chiropractor will be able to evaluate your child's lifestyle and identify any factors that could be contributing to his or her asthma. Oftentimes, a long list of things such as diet, a home with unclean air and even a child's stress level can worsen the symptoms of asthma.


Many people think that stress is an issue for adults, but but the reality is that being a child carries a high degree of stress in many ways. Close to 50 percent of American teenagers suffer from stress-related symptoms and regardless of your child's age, stress caused by school and relationships with peers can be stressful. Stress can tighten your child's muscles and contribute to significant back and neck pain, as well as intense headaches. A chiropractor can adjust your child's back to correct any physiological changes that have resulted from stress, while also suggesting stress-management techniques that can prevent this issue from returning.

Ear Infections

If your young child suffers from ear infections, the chiropractor might be the last place you think to visit. In reality, though, an adjustment can help your child through this common condition. Adjustments of the bones at the base of the skull can permit the ear's fluids to drain -- when these fluids are blocked, they lead to an infection. This form of treatment is ideal because many children have to have drugs and even surgery to deal with ear infections, whereas a chiropractic adjustment carries no negative side effects. If a chiropractic adjustment sounds right for your child, contact a business such as Wave Of Life Chiropractic