Relieving Sciatic Pain During Pregnancy

If you are currently pregnant, you may find that your lower back aches quite frequently as your body goes through changes to accommodate your growing baby. If you suffer from sciatic back pain during this time, you may wonder if you have any means to find relief without putting your body or baby at risk in the process. Since pain medication should be avoided during pregnancy, alternative methods are desirable. Here are a few safe methods you can use to relieve sciatic pain during pregnancy.

Use Stretching To Reduce The Amount Of Pain Experienced

If you are not used to exercising, pregnancy is not a good time to undertake the beginning of an intense workout regimen. Even if you are used to exercising, it is best to reduce strenuous programs until after you give birth. All women can benefit from a prenatal yoga program, however. Light stretches are done to help reduce stress on the back naturally. This will not affect your heart rate tremendously if you are not used to exercising. Order a yoga stretching video online so you can pop it into your DVD player to follow instructions given at times your back feels especially sore. With routine stretching, you will find your back pain will become subdued after just a few sessions

Visit A Chiropractor For Gentle Back Adjustments

Going to a chiropractor like Back & Neck Pain Center is beneficial in reducing or eliminating sciatic back pain. The doctor would make slight adjustments to the spine in the comfort of their office. This has no risk to the baby and will give instant results in the amount of pain felt. Many women find that going to a chiropractor for routine adjustments throughout pregnancy will keep them from having pain in the area at all. Make an appointment with a chiropractor at the first signs of pain to have it alleviated without the need for medication or invasive procedures.

Enjoy The Power Of Touch On The Affected Area

Having a massage can take away aches and pains in a pleasurable manner. Make an appointment with a massage therapist with training in prenatal massage practices. They will have you lie on a table on your side so your stomach is not pushed upon during the process. Light music, flickering candlelight, and warmth from a heating pad will help relax you as you prepare for the session. If you do not have the time or money to see a professional, a friend or partner can give gentle massage to the lower back in an attempt to reduce the pain you are feeling.