Exercise Modality: Chiropractic Care For Runners

If you're hoping to run a fall marathon, surviving the grueling training can be an even bigger challenge than making it to the finish line. Your local chiropractor can use the power of exercise modalities to keep you healthy, even during your toughest weeks of training.

Here are some of the exercise modality treatments you should consider when training for a marathon this fall.

Therapeutic Exercises

Your chiropractor can prescribe specific exercises to keep your spine, hips, and joints aligned between visits. These therapeutic exercises can also be great pre and post-run therapies to incorporate into your daily training plan.

Neck and Shoulders:

Marathon runners can develop debilitating neck and shoulder tightness that can trigger more serious health issues. One of the most common exercise modalities prescribed by chiropractors for marathon runners requires little more than a wall and a few minutes of concentration. Before and/or after your next run, stand at arm's length from a wall. Next, extend one arm so that your palm is able to rest on the wall in front of you. Once your palm is firmly in place, lean forward and bend your arm until your nose is a few inches away from the wall. Use your shoulder to push your body away from the wall until your arm is fully extended. Repeat this exercise several times, until you perceive mild fatigue in your shoulder. Lastly, repeat the same steps with the other shoulder. This exercise modality can develop upper body strength and also reset shoulder misalignment that can plague marathon runners during prolonged periods of training.

PNF Stretches:

Proprioceptor neuromuscular facilitation or PNF exercise modalities can increase a marathon runner's passive range of motion. Your chiropractic care provider can prescribe a series of PNF stretches to be completed during your post-run cooldown. For example, if you commonly experience hamstring tightness during training, you might go through a series of hamstring stretches that involve contracting and relaxing your muscles while engaged in stretching poses. Your chiropractor can show you these exercise modalities and give you the gear you might need like a stretching band or rope to help you complete these stretches alone.

Recovery Therapy

Properly recovering from your marathon training can be tough. Your chiropractor can use a series of exercise modalities to promote and enhance your recovery. These can include chiropractic treatments like compression, dry needling, ultrasound, and electronic stimulation. Before you book a session with a chiropractor, be sure to ask about the exercise modalities they offer runners.